Bill proposing memorial highway honor Sonny Kim unanimously passes House

WLWT Channel 5|03.07.2018

"This is the least we can do to honor the service and sacrifice of Cincinnati Police Department Officer Sonny L. Kim, who lost his life in the line of duty in ambush while responding to a call on an overtime shift in the Madisonville neighborhood."

The Effort To Put “Right To Work” Issues On Ohio Ballot

The Statehouse News Bureau|01.23.2018

“It would make Ohio more poor, less safe and it would make our communities less strong and I don’t think that’s good for anyone in our state.”

State lawmakers should avoid any right-to-work proposal like the plague

Cincinnati Enquirer|01.03.2018

"Time and time again, we’ve seen that right-to-work experiment leads to lower wages, more injuries and deaths in the workplace and employees are stripped of their voice and rights."

‘Right to work’ in Ohio? GOP lawmaker wants voters to choose

Cincinnati Enquirer|12.19.2017

"Ohio is doing well without right to work. We want to build a strong middle class in the state of Ohio, and this issue is not the way to do it."

What Is Ohio’s Down Syndrome Abortion Ban? It Could Stop Life-Saving Prenatal Testing


"I think that women have every right to make the medical decisions that are appropriate for themselves and for their families."

Testifying For Tax Free Tampons

The Statehouse News Bureau|10.10.2017

"The bill’s sponsor, Democratic Rep. Brigid Kelly, says tampons and pads should be treated like other healthcare supplies."

Ohio lawmakers, FOP propose harsher penalties for drivers who don’t move over for emergency vehicles|05.10.2017

"The move over law is essential to ensuring police officers and emergency personnel stay safe."

Right to work is wrong for Ohio workers

Cincinnati Enquirer|03.09.2017

"Ohio would do much better to invest in education, invest in our workers and have the best trained, safest, most highly skilled workers. That is what will attract businesses to the Buckeye State."

Gov. John Kasich wants teachers to do business externships? He should have to job shadow at schools, Democrats say|03.07.2017

"If you're going to suggest something like this externship, it would be good to better understand the career of the people you're forcing it on."

Ohio lawmakers want to eliminate sales tax of feminine hygiene products

WLWT |02.15.2017

"The 'Pink Tax' disproportionately affects women who already face economic hurdles given Ohio’s gender-based wage gap."